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Istvan Orth

Istvan Orth

I was born in Central Europe in Nagyszékely. In 1962 I graduated from the vocational school in Oradea, department of fine ceramics and graduated from the Art College in Oradea in 1967. I obtained a degree in theology in 1971 and graduated from the Academy of Fine arts of Bucharest in 1976.

I'm a member of the Romanian Artists Association (member of the State Executive Committee, 1998-2006 Chairman of the Sibiu branch) and the Barabás Miklós guild. I had more than 60 individual exhibitions at home and abroad, took part in numerous salons of national and international span and presented drawings, engravings, paintings and works of applied graphic. I'm honorary citizen of Sibiu and received in 2013 the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary.

"The decorative character of his work presents the designer, the symbolic components of each element mirror the contemplating theologist, while the clarity of his sketches and etches evoke the rigurous curator. His compositions reflect a subtle humour embedded in plurivalent metaphors. The artist combines elements of the surreal grotesque with classical forms, the result being an individual and original mythology. Paradoxically, the images are not built on the virtuosity of his art, but on the calm and objective accuracy of well contoured shapes and techniques. In spite of the overlapping and equivocal symbols that are fundamental to the style, the conveyed message is unique and well defined." -Molnár Dénes